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LGBTQIA+, let’s face it, it’s quite a mouthful. But each letter represents a particular type of person, and thanks to inclusive organisations like RBS Rainbow Network, we’re now closer than ever to achieving true equality in the workplace.Barry Hogan is the Co-Chairman of the Republic of Ireland...

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It’s LGBT Pride season! That time of year when rainbow flags, bright tights and crazy costumes come out for gay rights! And probably Ian McKellen too.Across the country, there are Pride marches taking place every weekend, and Ulster Bank, we don’t shy away from joining in the celebration. We work...

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When you hear the word ‘bank’, you probably don’t associate it with the word ‘charity.’ But you should. For the last 25 years, Ulster Bank’s Staff Charity Fund in the Republic of Ireland has donated over €375,000 to various charities of all shapes and sizes.Founded in 1993 by the then Director of...

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It’s the 21st century, and today there’s a plethora of different careers to choose from. So many in fact, that sometimes it can all seem a little daunting. Do I take a job in retail? What about technology? How about hospitality, teaching, journalism, medical science, the armed forces, stand up...

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Just what is internet safety? Having a password longer than five characters with the number ‘1’ at the end, right?Well, no actually. It’s a little bit more complicated than that, as I found out when speaking with our very own Information & Cyber Security Analyst, Caroline O’Brien.It’s...

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Fighting Fraud

Feb 20, 2019 Our News

We all know customer service is paramount, because a business wouldn’t be a business without its customers. Whether you’re selling vinyl records from the back end of your Nissan Micra, or working for a multibillion pound conglomerate, the same rule applies: the customer is the key.So naturally, as...

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