Inside advice on how to start a successful career

Denis Boscovich is certainly making a success out of his career at Ulster Bank. Seven years ago, he travelled over from Brazil, moved to Dublin and in 2015, joined the bank in a graduate programme. Now he is working as a Senior Implementation Manager with high ambitions to continue to develop his career in exciting directions.

When we were talking about his time with the bank so far, he shared some fantastic tips on how to kick start a successful career. Here they are:


That’s Denis’s number one piece of advice.

‘I was always very curious, so I would email people from across the bank saying ‘hi, I hear you do this, can I spend some time with you?’ And people are so receptive. They love talking about their job and sharing their expertise, and that’s how I’ve built a really good network across the bank.’

Not only does he stress this as a way of building a network, but as a way to better understand your place of work. ‘Sometimes you just work in your division and you don’t know how everything fits together’. And that’s easy to do. Sometimes we can work in such a focused way on our own job that we forget to look at the bigger picture.’ So be curious like Denis, ‘ask to see what other people do, and the more people you talk to, the more you come to know and understand about how the bank operates.’

‘More often than not, people love sharing their knowledge and that’s how I learnt, just asking questions.’

Which leads onto another piece of advice that Denis gave me:


‘I don’t pretend to know if I don’t. I might look silly but I’ll ask the question anyway. I’m very thankful for my line managers, they took the time every time I had a question, there was never a bad time, and they’d always sit down and listen to what I had to say.’

Denis also highlighted the importance of finding out for yourself if you don’t know, to upskill yourself and that there’s a whole host of resources available in the bank that enable you to do this.

‘We’ve got a really great range of courses which you can do internally and if you’re into developing yourself we have Skillport, which is a website with loads of books, courses and videos about literally anything you want to know, from project management to coding to how to order your mailbox. It’s a brilliant resource to tap into’


When I asked Denis about how he adapted to life in Dublin he said ‘when you move abroad, you have to come with an open mind; everything is going to be at least a little bit different’.

And this is clearly something he has transferred into his career too.

He started his career with Ulster Bank in a graduate programme, with an open mind for the exposure it would give him.

‘I was in four different divisions and that gave me a really good understanding as to how the business worked, which is what I wanted to know.’

Denis secured a permanent placement in Strategic Finance at the end of his graduate programme as a Senior Analyst, and yet he kept an open mind and continued to look at other areas of the business too. In the space of a year, he’s moved from graduate level, to Senior Analyst, and he’s recently secured a managerial level job in retail banking.

His open minded approach is something that he applies to his current role too, as a way of embracing change. ‘Everyday is different. There are a lot of exciting changes taking place in my area of work, so it’s great to be part of it. Over the course of one day, I would have worked on anything from three to seven projects, so you have to keep switching your attention, which is great for me.’

And as for life in Dublin, he’s certainly lived by his own advice of keeping an open mind.

‘At the start, living here was a temporary thing, I would finish college and go back to Brazil, which changed to I would get a job for a while and then go back, and now I’m applying for a mortgage here, so it looks like I’ll be staying for a while’ he laughed.


When Denis spent some time in the wider organisation, he became aware of our employee led network Aspire, which provides a platform for employees to develop personally and professionally, enhancing their internal network and helping them map out their career path.

‘I asked ‘what events do you have in Dublin?’ and they said we don’t have a presence there. So I said ‘let’s make it happen’. From then on, I was engaged with our ExCo senior leaders to do just that. I built a team and early this year we had our launch, with 70 colleagues from across Ulster Bank attending and seven execs from the bank at the session.’

‘One way Aspire helps our colleagues make the most of their career is by bringing our senior leaders closer to them.’

Denis was the driving force of bringing this employee led network to Dublin and opening up such a wealth of opportunities for his colleagues. He saw something that was missing, that could enhance his workplace, and rather than wait around for someone else to bring it about, he decided to get involved and make it happen himself.

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