Building a career with the Professional Banker Certificate

e want our Customer Service Representatives and Apprentices to have the experience, ability, and confidence to resolve each and every enquiry to the customers’ satisfaction, first time. It’s vital that our customers are treated professionally, skilfully, and consistently, and by equipping all our people with the skills they need we’ll make sure we win and retain our customers’ trust.


One of the ways we do this is by supporting all of our customer service teams to study for their Professional Banker Certificate (PBC). This industry-recognised qualification provides a strong foundation of learning, helps them deliver better service, and gives a boost to their confidence and personal development.

Reflecting modern day banking

The PBC is achieved via e-learning, with two internal learning elements that focus on RBS, and additional content provided by the Chartered Banker Institute. The PBC has been designed to reflect the role of modern-day banking together with customer needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to banking, or joining us from another financial services business - achieving the PBC helps all of our customer service teams to have a similar set of skills, shared experience, and a shared set of standards.

It’s a qualification that’s also helping hundreds of our people build a great career, and we spoke to two of our Customer Service Deputy Team Leaders, Talia Green and Daniel Jackson. They both completed their PBC a short time ago, so we chatted to them to find out what they got out of it.

Daniel explains, ‘It’s an amazing opportunity and has helped me to really learn, grow and develop. Soon our whole team will be PBC qualified and it helps us all to work better together and feel we’re all on the same page.’ Talia agrees, ‘The experience felt really rewarding. We learned so much about the wider financial industry which I found particularly interesting, and I’ve even done refresher courses since to keep myself up to date with changes in our sector.’

Feeling the PBC benefit

Both Daniel and Talia feel they have benefited personally and professionally from their studies. Talia says, ‘It has helped so much in terms of my development and confidence in myself. I’m now a Deputy Team Leader and the qualification says a lot about my work ethic. It sets a great example for my team.’ Daniel has also found the PBC helpful in his Deputy Team Leader role, ‘I think doing the PBC helps you pick up skills faster. It gives you a brilliant grounding in the industry. There’s a wide range of learning and I picked up knowledge about many different parts of the business.’

To study for the qualification, we provide study opportunities during the working week and easy-to-access online resources, which is something Talia thinks is very valuable. ‘It’s a great time to be studying for your PBC. There are a lot of resources available, as well as motivation, support, and encouragement from peers and managers. There’s breathing space to study too, as you’re not just doing it in your own time.’

Attracting great people

As well as the improvements to our customer service and the personal development of our people that the PBC brings, it’s also proving popular in helping attract great talent to join us. Knowing that there will be learning and development available to grow a career is an important factor for many people when deciding on a company to work for.

Daniel confirms, ‘New starters are always asking about the PBC, and it’s certainly a real factor for them when they consider a career with us. It sets us apart from other banks and shows we care about the development of our people.’ Talia agrees, and says ‘When I was first told about it I was so excited at the prospect of learning whilst I worked. When new starters come into my team I make sure they know about the PBC and encourage them to study for it. It’s definitely worth it and I think it goes a long way to attracting new talent once they realise a PBC is available to them.’

With a Professional Banker Certificate under their belts our teams are working on delivering exceptional customer service, and are better able to have meaningful conversations with customers to understand their needs and goals. It's helping us to build a professional and flexible team that can meet our customers’ needs at the first time of asking, and it’s a solid foundation to a great career.

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