60 seconds with… Wayne McCully, Branch Manager

Wayne McCully has a long tenure of more than 10 years of working at Ulster Bank, and still believes today that the bank is a great place to work. He’s found inspiration from management throughout his career and reminds his team often of the opportunities that are available to all of them. There’s enjoyment to be found through the ever-developing banking industry, and even his golfing hobby has brought some unexpected fun to the branch he works in.

I spoke to him about what life is like for a branch manager here, and asked for some valuable advice.

What do you value most about working here?

Personally, the most value I’ve gotten is from all the great people I’ve met over the years, both customers and colleagues. Helping customers in the local community is core to what we do. It’s so rewarding to see the difference we can make to their lives, especially when helping them buy their first home.

The bank is great at supporting its staff through all stages of our lives and careers. After working here for nearly 15 years, it’s easy to take all the great things the bank does for its people for granted. I constantly have to remind myself, and my team, about everything that’s available to us! The recent Covid-19 pandemic has really reinforced to me that this is great place to work.

What would surprise people about you?

Before joining the bank, I had aspirations of being a professional golfer. I played at a high level when I was younger and represented my country at both under 18 and under 21 level. I was also lucky enough to play alongside a certain famous Northern Irish golfer. I’m now the Branch Manager of the branch in the town he’s from.

Across your career who’s inspired you the most?

I’ve had a lot of inspirational leaders during my career so far, but one that stands out was my very first line manager when I joined the bank. Starting a new job in a professional institution at the age of 19 was daunting, but my manager was absolutely brilliant and really helped challenge me to bring the best out of me. As I progressed in my career, he continued to give me guidance and support even though he was no longer my line manager.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Anfield – the home of Liverpool Football Club. The history of the club and stadium combined with the atmosphere at matches is an amazing experience and I’m fortunate to be able to attend six or seven games each year. My wife and I have recently had a son, so I’m already looking forward to taking him there when he’s older. My wife and daughter said they’ll go shopping instead.

Picture yourself 10 years from now – what has changed, what’s stayed the same?

At this point my daughter will be 17 years old, so I’m sure I’ll probably have even less hair! In terms of my career, banking is changing at a rapid pace so there will be lots of things that have changed. I see cash being used even less than it is now, with digital ways of banking being the norm for the majority of people.

One thing that will have stayed the same is the need for bank staff who can support customers with their finances. This may be done in a different way, but the human element will hopefully never change.

What’s the one piece of advice that you always pass on?

To always have a close colleague to be able to talk to about issues. It’s good to get things, no matter how small, off your chest so that it doesn’t get on top of you. This is also relevant to your personal life, it’s always good to talk.

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