5 Reasons to start your career in customer service

Here at RBS, we offer roles to suit everyone, no matter what your skill set or future career ambitions. In particular, our jobs in customer service mean you can put your best foot forward and showcase your talent and initiative. We want people to join us in providing a first class experience for every single customer and really go the extra mile.

So, if you’ve been thinking of kick-starting your career in customer service or you’re just looking for a career change, here are a few fantastic reasons why it’s time to just go for it:

The opportunity to help people

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In this job, you get satisfaction from coming to the aid of others and helping to solve their problems. Ultimately, customer service is all about finding the right solutions for people and creating a sense of trust and reliability. If this sounds like job satisfaction to you, then it might just be the perfect career to jump on board with.

Develop new skills for life

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When it comes to a career in this industry, one thing is guaranteed: you'll never stop learning. Every day presents its own set of unique challenges for you to overcome. The great thing about this is how much you’ll learn about both the industry and yourself.

The chance to belong to a team

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No man is an island, and we all need a little help from time to time succeed. With a role in customer service, you’ll learn the value of teamwork and how to pull together as a team to do a great job.

Progression and growth

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You may not realise it, but there are unbounded opportunities for both personal and professional development in a customer service career. We’ll give you the chance to make real career progress – growing Personal Bankers into the likes of Relationship Management roles, Telephone Advisors to Mortgage Specialists, Cashiers to Business Development Managers.

Training and professional qualifications

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With a customer service career, you don’t just get to learn on the job, you get to achieve your goals whilst you’re at it too. We offer opportunities for you to earn qualifications and continuously develop yourself and further your education, all while you’re being paid. Is there anything better?

Sound interesting? We think so. It’s time to discover the exciting customer service roles that we have on offer at RBS.

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