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Putting our customers first

Our customers are at the heart of our business and our culture. No decision is ever made, big or small, without considering how it affects our customers. We’re focused on doing our best for them every day. Where we spot an opportunity to serve them better, we take action.

We’ve made the bank smaller, simpler and smarter. We’re easier to do business with, and are pioneering ways to make our services accessible to more customers. All of this is driven by our determination to be number one for customer service in our chosen markets, and to make a difference every day.

We’re cultivating a bright, sustainable future by earning our customers’ trust and serving them well. And continuing to build a forward thinking and inclusive workforce is crucial to our success.

Everything we do is led by four core values:

Serving customers

We earn their trust by focusing on their needs and delivering an excellent service.

Working together

We respect and support each other and work best as one team.

Doing the right thing

We prize fairness and diversity and exercise judgement with thought and integrity.

Thinking long term

We know that we succeed only when our customers and communities succeed. We do business in an open, direct and sustainable way.

Our customers inspire us to bring our values to life. Together, we’re determined to make a difference. For our customers, for the communities we serve, and for each other.